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VO (L.A.)


VO (East)


WHY Hosting, T.v. and vo?
Because I've always felt I had a voice, which is very important. Also, my career In opera was finished from the start. 
What's your going rate?
Are you willing To travel?
Let's just say I keep my passport underneath my pillow just in case. I've become the Usain Bolt at sprinting to make connections. 
What's your favorite assignment?
I would say anything without algebra or l.a. traffic involved. But, as long as i'm in front of the camera or mike, i'm loving it all!
Any tips?
This is better directed at waitstaff, concierge or mohels, but I'd say that as tough as it is to make it, keep going after that dream.
Who had the biggest influence?
I'm lucky to have met Chick Hearn, Vin Scully and Bob Miller. Also, I must give credit to the "Buddha of Broadcasting," Lou Riggs.
What's coming up?
In addition to my hosting and t.v. jobs, i've been doing commercial work, penning scripts like a good angeleno and doing voiceover.

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