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What were they thinking?
World university games
Danny and the uncanny
TV Hosting Reel

"Live play bingo"

Free-to-play live shows broadcasting all afternoon and evening during primetime on Live Play Bingo. It's non-stop bingo action at Live Play Bingo 24/7! Join me as I take you through the mysterious and exciting world that is bingo. Come join me throughout the week on your apple or android device.


Based off the popular 1980s gameshow, "Classic Concentration," "DITTO" is a TV game show based on a simple game of memory. Matching pairs of icons are gradually removed from the DITTO board. Catch every episode on your smart device or by checking it out right here.

Written and hosted by yours truly and produced by matt evers, WWTW scours the Treasure trove of the internet to show how perfect people just like you are thrust into imperfect situations. If you find yourself in a rut, just remember on social media, it's monday for someone somewhere.

"What Were they thinking?"

"60-Second Rant"

Taking bare-bones to a new level, this web series features a man, a rant and a fake plant, defying all morality, convention and Logic. Produced, written and starring moi, there is no subject that I won't touch (as long as there is purell nearby) while giving the finger to naming conventions - rarely does an episode come in at 60 seconds.

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